Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stuff, Materialism, Carbon Footprint

If you know me - you know I'm not a hugely passionate conservative environmentalist or anything, but I do live by the mantra, "buy 1, get rid of 2." Stuff and clutter drive me insane. I've always been this way, but with two kids, it's definitely become more of a priority. As my van sits in the driveway, the back is filled with donations to drop off at Goodwill, thus I thought it would be an appropriate time to begin the 30 day challenge - we will not purchase anything that is not absolutely necessary, no toys (no problem there), no clothes, shoes, books, trinkets or stuff! In fact, during this time, I hope to reevaluate our current possessions, and donate some more stuff which we don't treasure, love or appreciate. The kids rooms will be empty :) Wish me luck and check back for updates.

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