Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kindergarten isn't so bad...

After two weeks of adjusting to our new schedule, I have determined kindergarten isn't too awful. Sam is still a little tired after school and falls asleep before a nickel would hit the floor, but he is still my sweet little peanut butter bear. He has picked up some sayings that are typical of a playground environment...."You have stinky underwear...etc." He calls me, hey babe, until I give him the look, but he quickly corrects himself, and so apparently knows what is acceptable and what is not. His good manners are still present and he is a delightful little boy who is excelling in his new environment. He thinks school is awesome and great! Who could ask for more? We are blessed with the school we selected. The staff from the principal to his kindergarten teachers are the greatest! Sam's testing scores in reading and math placed him at the spring of second grade level and he scored almost a 130 on his IQ test, which "had 60 questions and was really hard!" I'm very impressed with the communication from the school staff and the readiness and eagerness they show in attempting to challenge Sam and meet his high educational needs. He will participate in reading with the first grade class and we will work with him at his level in Miss Nett's kindergarten in the afternoon for reading and math. He will enjoy the camaraderie of being a kindergartener and yet also be challenged. We don't know what next year will bring, but we are confident in the abilities and the staff at Roosevelt.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

International Fall Fest

What a fabulous weekend for International Fall Fest. The attraction to this festival definitely was the pony rides. Kate loved her ride and so did Sam. At $3 a piece, the smiles were worth it!

The Last Week of Summer

Some photos from the summer - my first efforts at digital scrapping in Adobe Indesign....we had an awesome summer. We spent three different weekends at the lake house of our friends, Christine and MIke's, parents. Lots of fun swimming, jumping off the dock, boating and just being with friends. Chris tubed behind a pontoon boat. Mike managed to successfully capsize Chris and his giant ego. Sam had his favorite smores. Kate spent time with her best buddy Aidan and I held my little baby Kiera. Spending time with Christine and MIke is always so great too. They are great parents that truely appreciate spending time with the children. Of course, the adults managed to have some beverages and become a little silly. In May, we spent a few days at the Wilderness resort in Wisconsin Dells with Chris' fraternity. It was an awesome time and the kids enjoyed the water park and all it had to offer. Although, Kate turned blue in the face after a mere hour in the water.

July brought about two birthdays in the family. I turned 33 and had a wonderfully relaxing birthday, complete with lunches with friends, a massage and special treats with the family. Sam turned 5 on July 14 and we celebrated the day with 10 of his little friends in our backyard playing games, eating pizza and cake and opening gifts. It's amazing how much time and effort can go into a birthday party for kids. On the evening of his birthday Sam threw out the first pitch at the Express baseball game in front of a huge crowd complete with his friends and family.

August brought a 10 day mini van trip. The kids were fabulous during all of our travels throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas and Illinois. We spent one night with Great Grams in Macon, Missouri, had a fabulous dinner at a buffet, talked and spent time with Great Grams. The next day we joined the Buse Oberto clan for breakfast at IHOP and caught up on their most recent happenings. It's mind boggling to me that when I first met Alex 10 years ago, he was younger than Sam is now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am Erica Earl

I am Erica Earl
I am the mother of two children, Sam & Katie.
I am the wife of a wonderful husband, Chris.
I am the friend to many.
I am the worker of RCU.
I am the daughter of great parents.
I am the follower of our Lord, GOD
I am the inspiration to some.
I am the volunteer for some organizations.

Sam's First Day of Kindergarten

Our little boy is off to kindergarten. Such a sad, but proud day.