Friday, April 3, 2009

Sam and Basketball

We have a future basketball star on our hands. Sam has developed a love for dribbling, shooting and playing ball since he participated in the 1st grade Y winter basketball league. It's amazing to watch how his skills have developed over the past three weeks. He'll spend time out shooting and dribbling every day for almost an hour, at least. He's almost better than mom, and definitely better than dad! We'll be looking into a portable hoop for him as opposed to the one attached to our garage.

35th Anniversary

Today we are traveling to Farm Country to celebrate my parents 35th Anniversary. What an accomplishment! Of course, we were supposed to travel tomorrow, but the onset of a winter storm forecasting six inches of snow and ice made us quickly reassess our plans. My parents don't travel much, they have a hobby farm, which keeps them close to home. The kids are always excited when we announce a trip to Farm Country...the trips are always pretty quick, with just one overnight, but it's always so awesome to spend time with my family.

Divorce is so prominent in America today. I am not even sure what the statistics are anymore, but I've seen and heard from many close to me the devastation and havoc experienced by having to go through this experience. I'm so proud of my parents and happy as they celebrate this monumental event. Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!