Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dance, dance, dance - Miss Kate is 5 1/2 years old.

After nine months, Kate is approaching her end of the year dance recital. She performed at Hiawatha Care Center in a preperformance on Thursday night. The girls were absolutely adorable. Nine months of dance has been really long and there have been many weeks where Kate doesn't even want to attend. At the rate of $35 per month - more often than not - she is in the van and on her way. We will take a summer break from dance and see if she is excited again in the fall to attend. Her teacher said it is possible to begin in September to shave some of the weeks off and still pass to the next class. Kate is absolutely beautiful in her costume - trying to decide what to do with her hair was agonizing, but after Chris secured some bobby pins - it was quite easy - just took about an hour to wash, braid and pin up. I marvel at my little Kate because she is so like me, but so not like me - her personality fits mine to a tee which at times can be extremely frustrating, but she is a runner, a dancer and an artist - her creativity outshines mine and is one of her strongest attributes - I remember a time long ago when I enjoyed theatre, perhaps it's just something I've lost along the way.

This is the year Kate is growing right before our eyes. Up until five she maintained the "little girl" look and actions, but during the past five months she has just blossomed into a big girl. She still has a million ponies and plays with them and loves them. She began playing with her barbie dollies too. She can sit and play and act out entire scenarios for up to an hour! It's so entertaining to listen to an watch her play. Her other love is art and art supplies. She loves to make crafts and presents for everyone in her family - especially me - I have a difficult time finding place to hang and store all of her masterpieces. Kate's ability to make friends on the fly is uncanny. Whether it's a trip to the park, attending Sam's baseball practice or going into any type of environment, she makes friends and plays with them like she's known them forever. Kate loves school, her school mates, especially the girls and her teachers! Attending preschool at Pierce has prepared her for kindergarten and she's very excited about the next school year. Kate is very caring and sweet, talented and athletic. Love my little pookie pie to pieces!

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