Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We spent Christmas at home in Cedar Rapids this year. Over the past few years, we have traveled to Bear Creek to visit my parents on Christmas Eve and then head home for church on Christmas Eve. With the wintry weather and the longer distance, this was our first Christmas at home. On Christmas Eve we went to 3 p.m. family church and then stopped at the deli to pick up some yummy food. We frosted cookies for Santa and then let the kids open a few presents. Such joy and energy over the prospect of opening presents! Christmas morning, the kids woke up to find the tree surrounded by presents. They were content to open their stockings until Chris returned home from work at 800 a.m. Such patience. Sam was up at 4 am! After presents, presents and presents, we tried to restore some order to the house, opened up the packages and played until Chris returned home at noon. Then off to chinese buffet for our traditional Christmas dinner. I don't think the Chinese celebrate Christmas anywhere as they are always open! After our return home, naps were in order and we all took a nice long nap.

Christmas Joy

Samuel and Katherine both were involved in the Christmas program this year at church. Their first formal Christmas program-the program itself was an awesome celebration of the Jesse tree - and the best children's program I've seen in my thirty plus years. It included a "hand sign" dance, vignettes, songs by each class, dancing and narratives, as well as a couple of solos. All of this put together in one week by Dan and Megan Dyrland. This photo is of the children eating a half dozen of sugar cookies in between performances. The 11:00 service had much more energy. We feel very blessed to have found a church which offers so much to our family.