Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a delightful Easter. On Saturday we went to an Easter Celebration party at Epiphany Lutheran Church, just up the street. A wonderful time. ...I would highly recommend it. The event boasted several craft activities, such as sand art crosses, stained glass marker windows and scrape art crosses...there were snacks, decorate your own cookies and of course an Easter Egg Hunt! We had a really fun time AND I won the grand prize, a $25 MEGA grocery store gift certificate. Later in the afternoon, after trips to Target & Shopko, separate ones, of course, Chris took the kids to see the lambs at Boiven's meat and berries. The Boiven's offer a nice petting zoo type barn with baby chicks, pigs, cows, horses and baby lambs, mama lambs too. Kate, of course, wanted to bring a baby lamb home, but we successfully convinced her the babies needed to stay with the mama and daddy sheep. Church on Sunday resulted in many nice photos of Sam and Katie in their Easter finery! We were determined to break in our new camera.