Saturday, September 6, 2008

Katherine's First Day of Preschool

No tears in sight for Miss Katherine as she started preschool. She loves school. After seeing Sam go off to school for the past few years, she realizes it is finally her turn. Katie is in the Tuesday/Thursday preschool at St. Paul's United Methodist from 9-11:30. She will go to a preschool plus program from 1130 until 1:00. On her first day, she went from 9-10 am and read a book about a giant ogre! She quickly learned the routine and she hangs her coat at the red rectangle. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Wielage and there are 15 kids in her classroom. Chris and I will be volunteering in the classroom here too!

Sam's First Day of School

Sam marched off to first grade. He is in Mrs. Foley's class with 25 other boys and girls. Chris and I are still trying to figure out the routine on the days I work at the hospital. It's going well. Some days we drop Sam off early and he eats breakfast at school, again. This fall he is playing flag football and basketball. We are excited to become more involved at Pierce and to meet the other teachers, students and parents.

Our Poor Van Post Deer

We will probably never travel over Labor Day weekend again. Chris hit a deer on Highway 29 going from Eau Claire to Farm Country. Chris was not hurt. The deer was hurt. The van was damaged. Thus we turn into a one car family during the beginning of the school year. Chris meets with the adjuster on Monday. The collision center estimates one week to do the repairs.