Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sam the Slugger -

Well it's not Home Run Heinie like I was called, but it's fitting.

Sam played catcher tonight. Every time the bat swung I cringed. I can't remember how many times I said, "Sam, back up!" much less thought it. The bat comes awfully close to the catcher's head - he did a fabulous job though and his head is still in one piece. During the time I excused myself to walk my two miles, he cracked the ball out to the field and earned a triple - with three RBIs. Takes after his mom :)

Sidebar: Last night we searched high and low for his missing in action ball glove - the one he's had since he was three :) Last seen at the Kennedy High batting cages - I searched, Chris searched, Sam searched, even Katie searched the house, the yard, both cars, the garage...Chris even drove down to the cages to see if it was there. No luck. Kate told Sam he could use her pink, lightup glove for his first game of the season. Needless to say, he was not to eager about this idea. Shows off Kate's generous nature though. After covering Biden's visit, Chris found a new glove at Play it Again sports for $8 - good deal - a third of the price and it's already broken in - smart move. Then after he caught up with Kennedy's Coach Hoyer who knows every inch of the Kennedy field and who indeed did have Sam's glove in his possession. Coach Hoyer's advice to Chris though, "the kid needs a new glove." Doh! The t-ball glove needs to be retired, but at least it is back in our possession and I am able to save it for future reminiscing and memories - maybe it'll have a place in the Sam Earl Baseball Hall of Fame in 50 years - just saying - you never know!

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