Monday, July 4, 2011

July 2011

July brings my birthday, the fourth of July and what feels like the first days of summer vacation.

In June - we had a lots of 8U baseball, including the state tournament in Des Moines, where we also enjoyed a day at Adventureland and a side trip to Jordan Creek Mall. Sam attended a Kennedy basketball camp and Katherine experienced her first Coe College basketball camp - she has an extremely good knack at defense. She is also quite a good little shooter.

We enjoyed a visit from Papa John and Gigi in mid June - it was fantastic to share our crazy life with them for a few days - they were able to watch three of Sam's baseball games and Katherine's dance recital. We also were able to share a few meals and catch a movie. It was especially awesome for to be with Papa John on Father's Day.

Sam went off to Camp Io-dis-e-ca for three nights and four days - mom missed him horribly, he was a little homesick but had a fabulous and fun time. While he was gone - Kate went to four days of Pony Camp in Springville. She was able to ride two of the pony's Snickers and Reba and also a huge stallion named Oscar. It was a long distance to drive back and forth but she loved it so much.

The last few days we finally had our roof replaced - hallelujah - it seems we've been saving for it forever! There were some minor glitches, but in the end it worked out okay but still emptied our savings account. Now it's on to the bathroom and then some saving to replace a car or van.

Our swim pass has also been very helpful for the summer - we are at the pool almost every day. Sam has braved the Ellis Pool high dive and Kate is finally tall enough to travel down the blue slide!

Kate has taken her deep water test twice now. It's amazing how she just decided she was going to do the front crawl the first time she took the test without ever even practicing...she just has to learn to swim underwater and she'll be flying off the diving boards too. Hopefully we'll sign the kids up for swim lessons later in the month to help them both with their technique.

Birthdays always bring pause for reflection. I hope to continue to focus on experiences and not materialistic possessions, enjoying my family and friends and living in the moment.

Katherine in her dance costume for Musical Theater

Sam and mom before he leaves for camp.

Kate riding Oscar.

Sam jumping off the high dive at Ellis Pool.

Beautiful Kate on Oscar at Pony Camp.