Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sam's sports activities

Sam played basketball for the Kennedy Cougars this past season. As a second grader, he played "up" with a third grade team for the Kennedy High feeder club. An amazing experience, we watched his skills grow and advance from October through March. Sam had two awesome coaches, Coach Koester and Coach Irvin, who value teaching the basic fundamentals in a fun filled, team valued atmosphere.

As a parent, Sam's positive attitude and ability to work hard while being a role model and a great team member make me most proud. Sam's care, concern and cheering for his fellow team mates is evident at every practice and game, both on the court and off the court.

This spring brings us to baseball, flag football, gymnastics and church, throw in some cub scout meetings as well as school and it has been a horribly busy time for Sam. He excels in all of these environments and I'm happy we are able to provide him with so many opportunities. In his downtime, Sam has his own baseball team on MLB 2008 or whatever it is he is videogaming at the current time. He loves to play video games and romp and run around outside with his sister. We are always on the go and I wouldn't choose to overschedule like this again, but it has been a fabulous spring.

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