Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's not a camera - it's a NIKON!!

In case you didn't read the previous the post - Kate dropped my camera on ceramic tile at great grandma's 91st birthday party - which resulted in the camera digital screen not functioning - to say Kate broke it would be inaccurate - thus the explanation of the floor actually "breaking the camera." Kate didn't "break it," she just dropped it. The hunt was on for a new digital camera as while the old one would still take photos - you couldn't SEE what you were taking a photo of - my children need their noses, ears and heads - it's hard enough to take pictures on a regular basis without wondering what you are taking photos of - enough justification for the guilt of my expenditure! My new little digital NIKON arrived in the mail today - a rare find and deal at $85 including postage, mom, from ebay - thankfully it does work too - always hesitant to buy electronics from ebay. So while I'm excited about MY new camera, which no one else will use - the children are not being cooperative in letting me take photos - but tomorrow is picture day at school, alas I will have my handy dandy NIKON ready and raring to take photos of them in their finery. It arrived just in time.

School photos - with the realization of my new 10.1 NIKON - I hesitate to spend much money on school photos - my preference is to embellish, enhance and blow up the one I take which should be much easier now too, right - so if I only order the basic package - I will have saved another $30 which would downgrade the NIKON purchase to $55 - justified! Notice I didn't say the word "camera" once.