Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ease into exercise week one

Week one is successfully completed. I ran/walked every other day for approximately 2 miles - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and today for a total of 8 miles! Who-hoo - I did it.  It wasn't too awful - I dropped 1.8 pounds too. Just from exercise - I still ate whatever I wanted, which brings us to week two. I WILL watch what I eat and do my best to limit carbs, sugar and salt. My exercise goal this week is to continue every other day with the two miles, but to throw in one 5k or 3.1 miles walk/run - then I could contemplate doing a 5k race like my friend Lissy! My motivator and inspiration in Duluth. She has signed up to do half marathon in Wisconsin. It's my dream goal to be able to crash her marathon, but I'm not anywhere close to that yet.  I'll take it one week at a time and keep conditioning - if I drop ten pounds, I'll be able to run more easily without damaging my joints. Remember the arthritis diagnosis??

On that note - I have kind of stopped taking my medication and seeing my rheumatologist. At my last visit, last fall - I went down to a real low dosage on my medication with the intent of discussing further at my next visit, which should have been in February. Unfortunately on the day of my appointment, I had a sick child a had to cancel. A few weeks later - when I called to reschedule I was told I could not reschedule until I paid a $30 cancellation fee for not giving 24 hour notice, which irked me, thus I still have not paid the fee, still have not rescheduled and have stopped seeing my rheumy - I'll probably have to fork over the cancellation fee and pay a visit soon, I'm not stupid, I've just been pushing it to the back burner.

The kids and I saw Shrek Forever and Ever and Always Forever and Ever (or whatever it is) in 3D! - We kept the glasses - it was pretty cool and the moral of the story, my friends, is to be happy and appreciate the life you have. I'm so thankful and blessed with love, life, friends and family - this was a cute story and a fun time with the children - can't remember the last movie we saw together at the theatre together - probably CARS!

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