Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week three - heading into summer

Week three is over - 8 miles and four runs/walks. I can now run .8 of a mile straight without keeling over or stopping to walk. My knee joints ache though and I'm not dropping weight, but hopefully I'm gaining some muscle, right? Muscle burns calories faster than fat - this is what I tell myself to keep motivated. I'll try to eat healthier this week :) Goal is to run one mile and do a three mile jaunt - having trouble moving past the 2.2 mile mark - ugh. Big thanks to Pandora radio 80's dance mix for churning out the free music to keep me moving.

Sam and Kate finished up spring gymnastics this week - they would like to continue on through the summer, the next session begins next week, but we will take a few week hiatus and reevaluate - thankfully - Cartwheels prorates the fee accordingly.

Sam played in a baseball tournament today - he did so well. He is such a fabulous player a team mate. They won their first game, but lost the second and finished in third place.

Kate is entering her final two weeks of dance - two dress rehearsals on stage at Washington High and then the performance on June 13-14. It's been a long dance year...must find a shorter season and a closer location for next year.

On today's walk - as I chased after Sam - he decided to leave me in his dust and continue on our route by himself - all the way home. Not a happy mommy.

I'm back to single mommy mode five nights a week as Chris is moving to the weekend evening anchor / reporter at KCRG. It's been surprisingly nice to have him around in the evening over the past two years and I'm going to miss our informal family time. :(

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