Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love to dance recital - updated

After nine months of weekly dance lessons - today we experienced the Love to Dance recital - Kate looked beautiful and she did a spectacular job! Dress rehearsal was yesterday so she had a run through as to what to expect up on stage - she's a natural born performer! No nerves, no butterflies - just a huge smile and excitement. All of the dancers performed well and it was such an enjoyable performance - I'll try to post the video of the dance rehearsal performance later - no taping allowed in the final performance :) Chris presented her with a bouquet of flowers and she was quite pleased - then we all headed out to Biaggi's - Kate's choice to celebrate with dinner.

After a two plus mile walk/run - I beat Sam in another game of basketball "rooster" which resulted in him standing in middle of the cul de sac cock a doodle dooing like a rooster - this kid needs to learn the great basketball players of the century need to score the baskets in the lane and not worry about throwing up (and missing) threes  - I'll beat him every time and continue to embarass him in front of all the neighbors until he becomes wiser and heeds my advice!

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