Friday, June 11, 2010

Walking and swim season

We bought our swim pass last weekend - $182 for the summer's entertainment - I knew if I was spending enough time at the pool to justify the pass - I'd have to buy a swimsuit - which I did, today, and hopefully it won't be too painful for the fellow pool patrons.

This morning, I completed three miles and hit the 50 mile mark which was my goal to purchase new shoes - my current avias have been around since I regularly attended Gold's Gym, pre arthritis diagnosis. Fellow facebook friend and high school friend Betsy raved in a post about her Sketcher shapeups - I researched and read about the somewhat unheard of technology incorporated into these types of shoes and found these shoes are actually kinder and gentler on joints - something I take seriously as I've yet to shed the additional five pounds in my goal. As I'm doing more power walking and some running, I picked up the Avia brand today - the Avi- Motion - they are still somewhat "large" but they are superbly comfortable and still pretty! I'm very excited to walk tomorrow.

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