Sunday, January 10, 2010

January, brrr.
Sam and Kate January 2010 We are having lots of fun playing Wii Star Wars, air hockey and board games. The kids also enjoy reading books, making crafts and wrestling around. Sam continues to play basketball with the Kennedy Junior Cougars twice per week. This month, he also joined the Chess Club at school. Kate loves preschool. Her favorite activity when she is not eating is playing with her ponies. She still doesn't play with babies per se, but her ponies receive all of the same attention as a bundle of joy would receive. Shooting Stars, Love, Curley, Blackey, Pinkie Pie, Sylvie, Brownie are just a few of the 40 I am able to name off the top of my head. Kate's nickname these days is "hungry." "I'm hungry." comes out of her mouth about ten times per day - we've been working hard at trying to make her eat all of her food at meal times, but she is "a growing girl." Sam and Kate play and learn very well together without too many fights. I'm so happy they are the best of friends and thankful for their relationship.

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