Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Erica's RA Update

Just returned from quarterly rheumatology appointment. First I want to commend Dr. Bagheri and Physician's Clinic of Iowa for always being on time for my appointments. The last four visits, I've had Kate and/or Sam with me, and the doctor is always on time, very much appreciated!

The good news is Dr. Bagheri may take me off the methotrexate at my next appointment, to see if I'm in a remission, or at least begin the tapering process. I've been on the methotrexate for two years this fall, since my horrible hospitalization and diagnosis time. I've always tested seronegative or negative for the RA factor. He explained, with his seronegative patients, he likes to try reducing and removing the medicine to see if the body is able to forget the illness, ie the medicine has suppressed the immune systems for this time period and it's likely to forget the RA. Pretty cool huh?

It's worth a try, definitely! I've only had one mild flare and some swelling in my wrist over the past year, but nothing since March, so at my October 21 appointment, he will assess and determine the next course. I'm pretty excited!!

The doc also reconfirmed the 12 pounds I've lost over the past four months. Whoohoo!!

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Alevin and Company said...

Wow, Erica! That is amazing news! It totally seems worth a shot and I am crossing my fingers that it works. Woot!