Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things to remember

Katie on counting to eleven, "I'll have to use my nose."

On our bike ride, Sam lost a pedal and we had to walk home about two miles.

The grill is up and operational after about 1.5 years of disuse and two moves. It only took two SOS pads and about ten minutes to clean the grate.

The Kernels are a feeder team to the LA Angels and the coach/manager was ejected from the game for arguing with the ref.

If you play with water balloons - odds are you will end up wet.

Sam lost his 7th tooth.

We met our new neighbors that live behind us. Erisa, should be easy to remember :) They have two children, Sammy, age 4, and Emir, age 1. Debating the fun of having a third child...again. At some point, my age will prevent this debate.

Sam and Kate love to play with the magnext and they are a source of endless entertainment.

Our garage will be clean and organized by the end of the day!

Huge storms. Knocked over the basketball pole.

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