Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wishing for spring...

The Earl's definitely have the winter blahs. When will spring finally arrive. We have piles of snow in the backyard and driveway. The front walk has finally made a slight appearance. Sam said, "No more snow!" this past weekend. On Sunday night, we had a delightful time at Jellystone Water Park in Warren's. What a perfect place to spend a night. Sam made his debut appearance apprehensively on the "big body slide." I had to deal with him, and it ended up costing me two transformers, $20 and a movie. After his first time down, he said it was awesome, and proceeded to go down the slides at least 50 more times over the weekend. Kate loved the kids area and she confidently made her way up the stairs to the pink and purple slides. It was a great quick and cheap getaway and the bonus night we receive, will have us back in April for more fun!

Sam had his last night of basketball on Monday night. "Defense is Desire!" He chants. We will have to find another sports program for him to enjoy for the early spring.

Lots of babies in the works: Congratulations to all. Vinnie is three months pregnant. Tracy is six months pregnant with a baby boy "Jack Connor." Chris' stepsister Jen, is newly pregnant too!

Kate has school today at the Family Resource Center. She is very excited to take her unicorn for "favorite teddy bear day." She's not been napping, but falls asleep at the drop of a coin when bedtime comes around. She's learning all of her letters and loves to play with Sam.

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