Friday, February 29, 2008

Capturing A Moment

It is 8:30 p.m., Sam and I are cuddling in before going to sleep. A bizarre episode of Lost is on. During a commercial break, I cuddle Sam and say, "Stop growing, Sam, stay my baby!" Sam replies thoughtfully, "Mom, I'll be your baby forever, even when I'm a grown up. Even when I'm 55. I will always be your baby." Tears come to my eyes, as I tell my little growing Sam how sweet he is...such a wonderful, thoughtful son. Children grow up so fast, we need to capture all of the sweet, little moments we are able to record.

On to the big bad and ugly: Our car needs new front brakes, new rear brakes and a transmission flush. To the tune of $500. Ouch. To top that off, our 14 month old new oven/range sparked and scorched at the electrical circuit, so a $100 call to the Home Warranty Company will be on today's agenda! Double ouch. I guess this is the government's way of taking our savings! :)

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