Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blistering heat

Summer update:

Kate decided on her own she wanted to start swimming, not just swimming, but diving in with a belly flop, going underwater, kicking her feet and moving her arms and swimming for a good 12-15 feet. She's progressed to doing underwater flips, twists, turns, dances and swimming. Of course, she decided in her own time she wanted to do this and then she just does it. Typical Kate.

Sam too has decided he wants to swim underwater, do handstands underwater and just play underwater. The family pool pass has really paid off. Swimming is such an important, lifelong skill, I had to jump up the momentum and sign both up for the last session of summer swim lessons. Fingers crossed they are both swimming like seals by the first of September.

Kate has bangs!

Spend less challenge-day one:

Erica's lunch - 3.73
Crocs - half price - $11 Kate had blown through hers.

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