Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Grandma's 91st Birthday!

Saturday, the Earl's traveled to Macon, Missouri for a surprise birthday party for Chris' grandma.

As it is the "steal of a decade," I must post Chris rented a car again, from Enterprise, for $14 per day - so we traveled in the luxury of a navy blue Ford Focus with Sirius satellite radio - we argued back and forth between eight football games, Radio Disney and CNN. Too many options I guess. Chris is very proud he secured this car and rate last weekend when he and Sam went to the Notre Dame game, this weekend for the Macon visit, next weekend to visit the Creek and another weekend for a trip to St. Louis. In my mind, this is saving us six months of car payments :)

Back to the visit - we had a pretty uneventful ride down - one stop light between here and there - but we did do a stop off at the Coralville mall to run into Gymboree, Build a Bear and Game Stop! I snuck a peek in Ann Taylor and grabbed a Starbucks Pumpkin latte and cinnamon scone. Yummy!

200 miles later - we were there for the surprise party - 30 people, at least were present to celebrate great grandma's 91st birthday. Sam and Kate were on their best behavior - bribery works wonders. The cake was scrumptious and we had a nice visit with grandma and were able to visit with Uncle Rich and our cousin Kelsey. The upper photo is of all of us with grandma. The lower photo is of Great grandma and Kate. Great grandma is always quick to point out Kate is the first girl in the family since aunt Roz was born 53 years ago. Chris has three boy cousins, then Sam, then Kate - hopefully the Buse Oberto clan will add a few more girls to the mix.

The trip back was less than pleasant - our kids don't like to ride in the car for extended periods of time too much anymore. I didn't pack the DVD player, gameboy or books as I normally do - dumb mom. Chris actually pulled over on the side of the road, made them get out of the car and stand on the side of the road while he gave them "a talking to." I just innocently watched, of course. Despite the long drive back - a great trip and more great memories.

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