Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That's my boy - riding his bike for the first time

One of Sam's goal's for this summer is learning to ride his bike. On Sunday, I decided it was time to take the training wheels off for good! They didn't work too well to begin with so off they went! We went up and down the cul de sac, with me holding the seat and running behind him, trying to get him to find his balance. Chris ran a few times too, but he's taller so it wasn't even more difficult for him. I was determined to go back and forth 100 times, I think we made it to 20 runs. Needless to say it was about 100 degrees, running it felt about 120!

We took yesterday off and tonight when I came home from work, I put the tennis shoes on. Sam put his knee pads and helmet on (always wear a helmet) and away we went. I didn't even barely hold onto him the first time, and he was pedaling and biking on his own. After five times, back and forth, he went to find Dad to show off his newest skill! Check out the video and you'll see...Today's the day! You can see a nice view of our cul de sac too! Hooray for Sam!

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