Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation to St. Paul

Sam at the Star Wars exhibit in the Science Center.

One of the many rides enjoyed by us all!

Sam in his new and improved catching pose.

We spent three wonderful nights in St. Paul last weekend. We visited the St. Paul Children's Museum, the Science Center, Como Town Amusement Park and the Mall of America. Very busy. The kids braved the roller coasters at Mall of America and loved it. Sam even went on the spinning roller coaster car! The favorite ride by far though were the carousel swings. Chris and I rode on many of the rides too, and Chris survived the Tornado, barely. During all the time we lived in Eau Claire, we did not take advantage of the closeness of the Twin Cities. We had a wonderful long weekend there!

In other news, over the weekend Sam mastered "catching the baseball." He is doing an awesome job catching and playing the catcher position! Kate's clothing of choice is still her ballet leotard! I guess she will be taking fall classes.

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